Why I Love Thanksgiving


Thanksgiving decorations such as pumpkins and fall leaf wreaths inspire a natural atmosphere as they remind you to recognize the beauty of the outdoors. Creative Commons Image: Wokandapix on Needpix.

Lucy Pike, Staff Writer

As Thanksgiving break approaches, I anxiously await my favorite holiday and time of year. Thanksgiving seems to encompass everything I love about fall, and it is a reminder to focus on family and express gratitude. 

Thanksgiving is one of the best times to convene with family without the stress of winter holidays’ gift giving. It is an ideal opportunity to catch up on life, see relatives that live far away and keep family bonds strong. Decorating with family, choosing how to arrange the dining table and enjoying the fall weather by taking strolls outside seems to spread happiness for my family. The holiday also encourages other family activities like cooking together and playing football. Sometimes we get caught up in our everyday lives and for my family, Thanksgiving provides an opportunity to slow down and enjoy each other. 

Food is part of this enjoyment. Although turkey isn’t my favorite, there is something that tastes so right after having a freshly cut piece of the masterpiece your family spent hours crafting. The traditional stuffing, mashed potatoes, and cranberry jelly all line the dining table as we dig in. The predictable nature of the menu is comforting, as I know my favorites and can look forward to them in advance. Right after the first course, my mind goes straight to dessert. My dad’s Thanksgiving pie is something my siblings and I crave from the moment it’s all gone to the next time Thanksgiving rolls around. Whether he makes pumpkin, apple, or pecan, they all hit the spot, leaving no leftovers. After we finish eating, we all enter a food coma and hit the couches. We put our feet up, and enjoy the beautiful feeling of being blissfully full. We switch between watching the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, an event that has been running since 1924, and The American Kennel Club’s National Dog Show to enjoy the history and entertainment of both events. Watching TV after overeating is the perfect distraction until my family heads outside for a walk with our dogs. 

I would be remiss not to add how Thanksgiving reminds me to be grateful for what I have. The holiday spreads an inclusive environment as it is not tied to one’s religion and is generally celebrated by Americans. Thanksgiving decorations such as pumpkins and fall leaf wreaths inspire a natural atmosphere as they remind you to recognize the beauty of the outdoors. Thanksgiving also distracts Americans from the usual commercial side of the holidays. Instead of going through the difficult process of finding the perfect gift for your relatives, you can tell them why you appreciate them—what they have done for you and others in the past year that really warms your heart? Communicating this love and gratefulness for people in your life creates a positive experience for families as it is the center of the holiday.