Menlo Students and Faculty Hope To Attend Future Sporting Events


With relaxed COVID-19 restrictions, fans are now able to attend most sporting events in person. Staff Illustration: Sophie Fang

Jake Lieberman

Think all the way back to pre-COVID-19. What in-person games did you attend? Was it your favorite team? A playoff game? Something overseas?

For months, every time we turned on the TV to watch a game, sad cardboard cutouts replaced what should’ve been lively audience members. However, as the COVID-19 pandemic is coming to a close, real people are in the audience and the stands are reaching full capacity. Just on Monday, May 17, United Kingdom Prime Minister Borris Johnson announced that soccer stadiums will allow up to 10,000 fans. It feels like all the energy that stadiums carry during important games, playoffs and championships is returning

So what’s the deal with people from Menlo? Have students and teachers been able to attend games during the pandemic, or are they waiting for 100% capacity?

I didn’t attend any sporting events during the pandemic until recently and it’s been all baseball. I love baseball and can’t imagine another summer without it. I am anxious to go to a Giants game,” Menlo 7th grade math teacher Kevin Campion said in an email to The Coat of Arms. For Bay Area sports fans, now is the time to attend a Giants game. First Baseman Brandon Belt and Catcher Buster Posey started the season on the right foot with a handful of home runs. Starting pitcher Alex Wood has an impeccable record being 4-0 with a 1.80 ERA, and quite frankly, that’s looking like a CY Young type-of-year. “I love the stadium, and my oldest son Mason loves it too. We usually go to a few games, just the two of us — it’s great father-son time,” Campion said in the same email. In addition to attending Giants games, Campion intends to visit Stanford baseball too. “I’d also like to go to a Stanford baseball game. I’ve never been. So far, I’ve attended a Menlo 7/8 game and a few little league games. It really lifts my spirits to see my children and students enjoy playing,” he said.

As baseball is starting to kick off into full swing, basketball, on the other hand, is reaching a close. Sophomore Avery Romain has been lucky enough to attend a couple of Warriors games throughout the pandemic. “Warriors games have been awesome. Chase Center is beautiful, and the energy at the games [has…] been incredible,” he said. Curry is having an all-time year, and he’s 33 years old. Even without Klay Thompson, Curry has been managing the load — alongside Draymond Green and Andrew Wiggins. The Warriors’ season came to an unfortunate end, with a loss to the Memphis Grizzlies. However, it was still a very successful season

In addition to Kevin Campion, 8th grade math teacher Michael Giardi is a big sports fan. Because he grew up in Boston, Giardi is a fan of its sports teams. Giardi hasn’t been to a sports game during the pandemic. However, he definitely has some lined up for the near future. “Being from New England, my favorite place to see a sporting event is Fenway Park. However, now that I live in the Bay Area, I really enjoy Stanford men’s soccer and football games and am looking forward to returning to those venues. I also go to Oakland to see the Red Sox when they play the A’s and a few years back caught the Patriots-49ers games,” he said. Giardi added that he would love to go to a Warriors game, especially if they’re playing against the Celtics. Giardi anticipates future sporting events: “When things get back to normal, I’ll enjoy Stanford sports and hope to catch a Sox game here and there,” he said. 

Upper School math teacher Rebecca Akers is another avid sports fan. “I’ve tried to go to a few games this year (Water Polo, Soccer), but the restrictions on bystanders prevented me from attending in person. Fortunately, one of my students told me that the water polo matches were available on the Menlo website (live stream), so I was able to watch a few matches that way,” she said. Akers is a big Menlo sports fan, so she’s attended Menlo sporting events amid the COVID-19-impacted year. “Basketball is my favorite sport, and I’ve been disappointed that it hasn’t been possible to attend this year. I also love soccer, lacrosse and water polo! I’m looking forward to being back on the sidelines […] next year!” she said.