Will Eggemeier Contributes to Menlo Basketball Success


Christine Young

Eggemier goes for a layup against Harker on Feb. 8. His jump from his sophomore season to his junior season was huge, and he plans to keep the momentum rolling for his final dance next year. Photo Courtesy of Christine Young.

Jake Lieberman, Staff Writer

Menlo’s boys basketball team wouldn’t be in the successful position it is in this season without junior Will Eggemeier. For the whole season, he has been the glue for the team. His numbers may not be staggering, but he’s undoubtedly one of the key pieces for the team’s success. He’s a versatile wing/forward who puts up stats in every category, while leading the team in rebounds, assists and steals. 

In head coach Ben Batory’s first season at Menlo, Eggemier has proven to be one of the coach’s most important players. Eggemier’s seen his minutes spike this season because of the new play style that Batory has brought, along with Eggemier’s success throughout the season. 

Last season, Eggemier didn’t have as much playing time, and it took a toll on him. “Last year for me, getting into the last 30 seconds of blowouts, I felt so uncomfortable, and, to me, it did not even feel like basketball. My confidence was gone.” Eggemier’s season this year couldn’t be any more different because he’s turned himself into an extremely valuable player. 

As coach Batory often says, champions and successful basketball players aren’t produced over the course of one day; it’s over the course of months and years. Eggemier takes note of that, as he plays AAU for Team Arsenal. AAU is a club/travel basketball team for players looking to play at the next level. “Playing AAU over the summer felt like basketball again to me, […] and it felt great to be back on the court, playing my game.” With Coach Batory now under helm at Menlo, Eggemier feels like he’s back. “Coach Batory getting us in shape and pushing us in practice made the jump really manageable. That being said, I feel more comfortable each game and hope to keep improving.”

During the regular season, Eggemier averaged 6.6 points per game, 7.0 rebounds, 3.5 assists, 2.5 steals and 1.0 blocks. Each game, Eggemier was able to prove that even if he wasn’t scoring the ball at the highest percentage, he could certainly contribute to the team’s success in another way. “Being a starter has been one of the coolest experiences of my life, and I just feel so much joy playing the game. I just want to play well for my teammates and win games.” It’s safe to say that Eggemier’s days in the starting lineup are just getting going. 

Looking back at the regular season, Eggemier had many unforgettable games. In the first game of the season, Menlo played against Menlo-Atherton, known as the more athletic program. However, coach Batory, Eggemier and other Menlo players felt ready to face them. Menlo came away with a tight victory, against one of its top rivals, winning by a score of 53-50. “Beating M-A in our first game and giving coach Batory the water bath in the locker room afterwards was pretty awesome.” Then in late December, the Knights team made the trip out to San Diego where they went 2-2 in the Torrey Pines Tournament. “Spending time with the guys and the coaches, eating with everyone, the drives to games, all of that was unforgettable.” But For Eggemier, there hasn’t been any one moment that’s been outstanding, the year as a whole has been unforgettable. “I really have cherished this season, so it’s hard to pick just a couple [instances]. Everything this year has been an unforgettable experience.”

Every player and athlete has their own unique way of getting into the right mindset before a game. Eggemier is no different. “I always do the same couple of things, I watch 20-30 mins of basketball highlights. I love watching Obi Toppin at Dayton highlights, Derrick Rose’s 50 point game, Paul George, Jimmy Butler and a bunch of other guys. It gets me in my basketball mindset. And then music-wise just anything to get me hype. On the bus ride, I’ll listen to music to get me in the zone.”

Looking forward to next season, Eggemier has his goals in line, and he is pumped for his last go around. He’s hoping that Menlo can go undefeated in league and come away with a state ring. 

“Overall everyone just pushes each other and wants the best for each other and the team, so the culture has been amazing,” Eggemier said.