The Coat of Arms

The power of cell phones and social networking

October 23, 2012

Cell phones and social networking sites have become a key role in our everyday lives. We are always checking our texts, facebooks, emails, messages, twitters, instagram, and all the social networking out there. The one thing these...

Junior year: searching for the ingredients of success

September 28, 2012

“What did you get on the quiz?” “How many APs are you taking?” “Are you doing an independent study?” These questions constantly occupy not only my mind but the minds of almost every other Menlo student as well. When did succe...

Why arguing your political beliefs on Facebook is a bad idea

September 28, 2012

Ever been scrolling through your news feed and stumble upon a political argument by teenagers?  Did you then hit your face on your desk really hard? I have. Having a political argument on Facebook is by far the quickest way to...

Menlo beyond just the facts

September 27, 2012

From Menlo, I have learned an infinite number of facts – the causes of World War I, the difference between meiosis and mitosis, the law of decreasing marginal benefits. I’ve learned skills - how to properly annotate a bibliography,...

Fine tuning my ability to make time

September 27, 2012

To me, there is no sentence worse than “I used to play the piano.” It sounds so final, unchangeable. I would like to think that I hate saying it because it isn’t true, but I guess for me, it is. One year ago, I stopped practicing,...

The rich kids of Instagram

September 27, 2012

Many teenagers in America today use the popular social media app Instagram. Daily posts range from clothes and hairstyles to food. Although the purpose of this app is to express people’s daily lifestyle, some use it to convey...

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