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February 17, 2022


Junior Sophia Crouse wears a pair of brown thrifted pants and a thrifted leather jacket. Sophomore Harper Enright wears a thrifted jacket and a pair of red corduroy pants. Photo courtesy of Reena Kagen.

In 2021, everyday fashion began for most as a waist-up endeavor, limited by the small frame of our laptop cameras. But that didn’t stop us from hopping on every trend the last year had to offer, which we eventually had the chance to sport on campus. Much like 2020, TikTok heavily dictated styles of 2021. We saw the ‘Bella Swan’ look take over, inspired by “Twilight’s” protagonist, featuring a muted color palette, lowrise bottoms, high-top converse and Henley tops. As we move into 2022, new trends emerge. While thrifting and second-hand shopping have seen their rise, according to NPR, fast fashion continues to dominate. Brands such as Zara, H&M and Urban Outfitters design, produce and market new clothing so quickly that consumers fight to keep up. In 2022, TikTok and other social media apps are still calling the shots. From influencer-brand collaborations to Youtube “hauls” to new shopping features on Instagram, clothing is more accessible than ever.

The 70’s

Sophia Crouse wears a pair of black stockings from Target and thrifted fingerless gloves. Sophomore Harper Enright wears a pair of black patterned tights and a knit balaclava from Target. Photo courtesy of Reena Kagen.

The 1970s are making their comeback. And no, not sparkly polyester disco dresses and gogo boots. We already saw the resurgence of flare jeans in 2021, but the decade has more to offer. Vogue predicts the vintage fur-lined leather jackets of the ’70s will be made a staple in Gen-Z style. Expect to see more layered turtlenecks, warm colors and funky prints. L’Officiel anticipates corduroy everything, as well as iconic ‘70s hairstyles popular in 2021 to persist into 2022. Think curtain bangs, voluminous high ponytails and hair accessories like headscarves and headbands.

Statement Accessories

If there was ever a time to accessorize, it’s now. From opera to mesh to leather, gloves are all over the Spring and Summer runways of 2022. But the gloves didn’t just end at the runways: Lady Gaga wore multiple pairs in her 2021 movie “House of Gucci.” In other accessorizing news, according to Vogue, the balaclava is their prediction for the number one 2022 knitwear trend, and patterned and graphic tights were one of the top styles on the Copenhagen runways for 2022.

Denim Jumpsuits

Catsuits, skin-tight, full-body jumpsuits, are majorly trending for 2022, according to Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar and Style Caster. But instead of catsuits, we predict denim jumpsuits and boiler suits will be making an impact in 2022. Denim jumpsuits continue the 1970’s denim trends that took over 2021, such as flared, embroidered and patchwork denim, while also incorporating a new edgy aspect as seen in the catsuit trend. According to fashion site WhoWhatWear, head-to-toe denim is in, and there’s no easier way to style it than a jumpsuit.

Bling Bling

Embellishments are in for 2022. From thick and chunky jewelry to chain belts to pearl-adorned sweaters, designers are letting their clothes shine in 2022. According to the Hollywood Reporter and Harper’s Bazaar, Valentino and Hermés displayed their oversized gold chain necklaces this season on the runway whereas Acne Studios showed off grungy chain belts on theirs. But in 2022, jewelry isn’t just riding solo. Jewelry, mainly pearls, will be adorned and embellished on sweaters and coats alike, according to USAToday, The Today Show and Refinery 29.

Senior Meera Rajagopal wears a denim jumpsuit from Hollister and junior Sophia Crouse wears a denim jumpsuit from Gap. Sophomore Harper Enright wears a thrifted denim romper. Photo courtesy of Reena Kagan.

Skirt Suits

No matter the season, blazers always find their way onto the runway. In 2021, the dressed-down blazer made its way into everyday wear. In 2022, we’re going to see this look kicked up a notch, with suits composed of colorful matching blazers and skirts. In Chanel’s 2021 Spring runway show, designers made homages to the iconic 90’s Chanel blazer-skirt combo. Vogue predicts more structured blazers with feminine flair to trend. In 2022, the “power suit” will take on a whole different meaning in fashion.

Statement Shoes

It’s also time to ditch the sneakers. Clunky statement shoes to elevate your outfits (both literally and figuratively) are going to be all the rage this year. Harper’s Bazaar expects “work shoes” to become a closet staple in 2021. Platform loafers and Mary Janes have frequented the runways in 2021, providing a touch of classic sophistication to playful, everyday looks. Who What Wear anticipates platform mid-calf and knee-high boots to dethrone the ever controversial ankle boots, as the two statement shoe styles have already begun to make a name for themselves in street fashion. 

Babydoll Dresses

According to Rolling Stone, Refinery 29, Seventeen and the “For You” page on Tik Tok, Twee is back. But what exactly is Twee? Popularized by celebrities such as Zoey Deschanel and Taylor Swift, the Twee style sells itself as being delicate, quaint and quirky. Besides flats, “Peter Pan” collars and hair bows, an important staple of the “Twee Trend” are babydoll dresses. Often multiple layers with puffy sleeves, babydoll dresses fit their name with a voluminous and delicate shape. Perfect for spring and easy to throw on in a rush, babydoll dresses will certainly be in style in 2022.

Senior Meera Rajagopal wears an orange tweed skirt suit from Macy’s and freshman Sonia Dholakia wears a thrifted purple tweed blazer. Sophomore Harper Enright wears a button down and blazer from Zara. Photo courtesy of Reena Kagan.


The mantra of 2022: less is more. Since Gucci’s Tom Ford era, cut-outs have remained a trend on the runway. In 2022, we’ll see them more both on and off the runway. USA Today says that cutouts are a great way to make an outfit more unique and unexpected. They can be deliberately placed to flatter, creating an hourglass contour in the body. An outfit with cutouts will certainly never be boring, so be on the lookout for even more cut-out looks as we enter 2022.

Interesting textures

In 2022, fashion will keep things interesting with a wide variety of textures. In 2021, we saw chunky “grandpa” sweaters sweep the nation. 2022 is trending to go beyond basic sweaters and expand knit and crochet into other outfits. Knitwear sets have made their way into glam leisure, as unique textures can instantly elevate a cozy outfit into something glamorous. You can also dress up the knit look with jewels, formal cuts and heels.

Junior Sophia Crouse wears a fruit-patterned babydoll dress from Target. Senior Meera Rajagopal wears a thrifted black satin babydoll dress and freshman Sonia Dholakia wears a thrifted white babydoll dress. Photo courtesy of Reena Kagan.
Senior Meera Rajagopal wears a white thrifted cutout dress and Sophomore Harper Enright wears a black thrifted cutout dress. Photo courtesy of Reena Kagan.
Sophomore Harper Enright wears a thrifted mesh dress and Junior Sophia Crouse wears a crinkled pink dress from H&M. Freshman Sonia Dholakia wears a thrifted green midi skirt and a thrifted red shirt jacket. Photo courtesy of Reena Kagan.
Freshman Sonia Dholakia wears a thrifted embellished coat and Junior Sophia Crouse wears a skirt and chain belt from target. Senior Meera Rajagopal wears a boilersuit from Urban Outfitters and a chain belt from Hot Topic. Sophomore Harper Enright wears a thrifted black maxi skirt and a pearl-adorned sweater from H&M. Photo courtesy of Reena Kagan.
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