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The Coat of Arms

The Student News Site of Menlo School

The Coat of Arms

The Student News Site of Menlo School

The Coat of Arms

Evaluating when and why I use filler words allowed me to realize that when I say the words “like”, “um”, etc. I am not thinking these words, the gears in my head are turning as I am forming my next thoughts. Staff Illustration: Dorinda Xiao.

Filler Words Aren’t Always a Bad Thing

Lizzie Freehill, Staff Writer
January 20, 2022

Yesterday I texted a friend asking to hang out: “Hey, do you want to like go to dinner this weekend?” I spent a few seconds debating whether I should...

Due to excessive crowd-surging at Travis Scotts music festival, Astroworld, dozens of concertgoers were injured and 10 were killed. Staff illustration: Dorinda Xiao.

Travis Scott Could, and Should, Have Stopped his Concert

Annie Stent , Assistant Opinions Editor
January 19, 2022

Travis Scott’s music festival, Astroworld, was held from Friday, Nov. 5 to Saturday, Nov. 6 at NRG Park in Houston, Texas. The festival featured more...

Sammie Dostart-Meers volunteered for Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign in 2016, knocking on doors to encourage those she spoke with to vote for Clinton in the election. People of all ages can volunteer to support political candidates by knocking on doors and speaking with people in their communities. Photo courtesy of Sammie Dostart-Meers.

Teenagers Should Be More Politically Involved

Sonia Dholakia, Staff Writer
January 18, 2022

According to a report from the United Nations, if the current rate of greenhouse emissions continues, Earth has less than eight years before the worst...

As the presence of social media grows, discussions on censorship and the extent to which free speech should be allowed on these digital platforms arise. Staff illustration: Dorinda Xiao.

Discussion: To What Extent Should Social Media Posts Be Censored?

Penelope Stinson and Alex Levitt, Opinions Editor and News Editor
January 5, 2022

In this new Coat of Arms column, News Editor Alex Levitt and Opinions Editor Penelope Stinson will discuss a controversial issue relevant to the Menlo...

Students cheer in the gym bleachers during the 2019 holiday assembly. The annual holiday assembly always includes both the middle school and high school, but more assemblies should be held to further connect these two groups. Photo courtesy of Pete Zivkov.

The Middle School and Upper School Should Be More Connected

Kaylie Wu, Assistant A&L Editor
December 18, 2021

Menlo School contains two divisions: the Upper School and the Middle School. While these share a campus, the two groups of students barely overlap. The...

Despite Menlo not having a strict dress code or uniform, some complaints have arisen from faculty members about students clothing choices. Staff illustration: Sutton Inouye.

Strict Dress Codes or Uniforms Will Not Benefit Menlo

Sophie Stone, Staff Writer
December 15, 2021

Menlo Upper School has been without a formal dress code or uniforms for at least 15 years, choosing instead to set a few guidelines in the Menlo Student...

Push weeks come in 2-3 week cycles, where students have weeks with little work and then weeks with an overload of work. These push weeks increase students’ stress levels and workload at the end of each cycle, due to similar unit lengths across multiple departments. Staff illustration: Sophie Fang.

Menlo Should Minimize “Push Weeks” to Alleviate Students’ Stress

Abby Becker, Assistant News Editor
December 9, 2021

We’ve all had those weeks. 5-6 hours of homework each night. One test on Monday, two on Wednesday and another on Friday. No time to sleep, eat, exercise...

A popular NFT, Bored Ape, is bought using cryptocurrency and is a completely digital commodity. Staff illustration: Sutton Inouye.

Cryptocurrency Harms the Environment

Andrea Li, Staff Writer
December 5, 2021

In recent years, cryptocurrency has rapidly grown in popularity in unprecedented ways. Created in 2009, Bitcoin is a prime example of the extreme growth...

While anime has surged in popularity in recent years, its uses go beyond a hobby. Illustration by Mitsuka Kiyohara.

The Power of Anime Can Transform America’s English Classrooms

Mitsuka Kiyohara, Guest Writer
December 4, 2021

Wind blowing at the most climactic moment, lethal injuries that somehow aren’t deadly and waking up in an alternate world could only mean one thing:...

With the COVID-19 pandemic normalizing masks, they might be a permanent part of future daily life. Staff illustration: Sophie Fang.

What is the Future of Masks?

Annie Stent, Assistant Opinions Editor
November 30, 2021

Masks: they’ve been a predominant feature on people’s faces since April 2020. We’ve seen bandanas, disposable masks, homemade and store-bought cloth...

After testing positive for COVID-19, my sister was stuck quarantining for ten days. She was asymptomatic, but our family still needed to follow safety protocols. Staff illustration: Dorinda Xiao.

How I Dealt with COVID-19 in My Home

Kaylie Wu, Assistant A&L Editor
November 30, 2021

The morning of Sept. 15, 2021, began normally for my sister, Menlo eighth-grader Amanda Wu. Wu was at her classmate’s house, and she had planned to spend...

On Sunday, Nov. 7, the time changed so the clocks fell back an hour. Staff illustration: Dorinda Xiao.

Daylight Savings Doesn’t Save Us Anything

Alea Marks, Staff Writer
November 18, 2021

When you get out of school and the sun is already setting, it’s easy to feel a sense of exhaustion and lack of motivation. Students already feel tired...

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