The Coat of Arms

Students are encouraged to be environmentally-friendly through the student council, club campaigns and environment-themed student events like EcoAct Week. Staff illustration: Sophie Fang.

Menlo Makes Efforts To Be More Sustainable

Abby Becker, Assistant News Editor
June 12, 2021

Sustainable schools offer increased benefits for students and staff, the school itself and the planet. Schools that utilize green practices, such as sustainably...

In addition to the previous course catalog, students could choose from 10 new classes for their 2021-2022 schedule. Staff image: Madison Liu.

Looking Into A Few Of Next Year’s New Classes

Madison Liu
June 8, 2021

For the 2021-22 school year, Menlo is offering multiple new classes in several departments. Some of the new classes include history elective “The Pursuit...

Global Online Academy offers courses for students across the globe. Staff Illustration: Sophie Fang.

The Global Online Academy Offers A Vast Selection Of Courses For Menlo Students

Erica Fenyo, Assistant Sports Editor
June 8, 2021

The Global Online Academy (GOA) has dozens of online, primarily asynchronous, classes for students worldwide. Since Menlo is one of the academy’s member...

On Monday, Nov. 22, 2019, Menlo Students were given the opportunity to participate in the petting zoo provided by Jasper Ridge Farm. The opportunity was spearheaded by the Mental Health @ Menlo Club in an attempt to improve students' mental health during Finals week. 
Staff Photo: Ari Krane

Club Profile: Mental Health @ Menlo

Adam Karr
June 8, 2021

As school becomes more and more stressful because of increased workloads, the stress of grades or the competition to get accepted to colleges, the student-led...

The 12-day backpacking program soon-to-be-Menlo-alumni Julia Deffner will participate in next January. Screenshot from

Two Menlo Graduates Decide To Take A Gap Year

Sofia Labatt, Assistant Social Media Director
June 6, 2021

The next school year will be full of big changes: most students will be vaccinated, classes will be in person and the majority of the class of 2021 will...

Staff Illustration: Sophie Fang.

How COVID-19 Impacts High School Students

Sofia Labatt
June 4, 2021

Just a year and a half ago, our lives were completely different. There was no discussion of social distancing, mask wearing or COVID-19 tests. It's no...

Club members of The Menlo Monthly meet to work on newspaper articles together. During hybrid learning at the beginning of 2021, meetings were held both over Zoom and in-person. Photo courtesy of Maren Mulloy.

Menlo Middle School Students Start Newspaper

Kaylie Wu, Assistant A&L Editor
June 4, 2021

In recent months, seventh graders Maren Mulloy and Mg Curtin brought to life a middle school newspaper at Menlo. The newspaper’s title, The Menlo Monthly,...

Staff Illustration: Sophie Fang.

Looking Back And Reaching Forward: The Administration Reflects On The Year

Annie Stent, Assistant Opinions Editor
June 2, 2021

Throughout this year, students and teachers have worked to try and get through the pandemic together. However, while students and teachers work in the...

How To Study For Finals

How To Study For Finals

Abby Becker, Assistant News Editor
June 1, 2021

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