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Q&A: New StuCo Prez Cody Kletter and VP Melanie Goldberg

Cody Kletter and Melanie Goldberg pose for a photo during their campaign. Photo courtesy of Kletter

Q: What was your campaign process like? What did you enjoy and what was challenging for you?

Kletter: We had a very good time preparing together. We met a number of times at Coffeebar to discuss our various ideas [that we want to implement next year]. We had a good relationship, we’re in chemistry class together and we’ve gotten closer this year. 

Goldberg: Cody’s really good at having a lot of creative ideas and I’m better at planning. We divided and conquered and came up with ideas. We took the photos, we ordered the stickers and we made the posters. […] Then we made our speech based off the things we wanted to accomplish; we wanted to show people what we have done in the past, because that’s really the biggest qualm people have about student council is like, “Oh, you don’t do anything.”

Q: What was your motivation for running for student council president and vice president?

G: It is really unfair to elect people and then to not [see] anything done. We want people that are going to lead and are going to interact with students. We want people to show up to different games and bring what they say that they’re going to bring. I don’t want someone to come up and say, “I’m going to do all of this stuff,” and have nothing […] happen.

Q: How will Menlo look different under your leadership?

K: The student body should know what Student Council is doing in a given month through update videos or various events to see student council in action, like giving out donuts and coffee on the loop one morning or planning some sort of boba event where you get some sort of special discount. 

G: My focus is on reorienting student council — we need to restructure some of the ways that the council works because there are a lot of positions that could be run more efficiently. Student council meetings need to be more productive so that the student body can actually see things getting done and not just hear about it. 

Q: In your speech, you spoke about “getting it done.” What’s one of the first things you want to get done?

K: Although we’ve already gotten local restaurant discounts for the student body, I don’t plan on stopping there. I think that we can continue this initiative and partner with even more stores.

G: Four years ago, we used to have a homecoming assembly. The pep rally used to be right before homecoming, and we would all walk together to Cartan. Bringing back that kind of school spirit where the entire school is able to participate is something I want to get done.

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