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The primary mission of The Coat of Arms is to report accurately and thoroughly on news that is significant to the greater Menlo School community. We will chronicle in context the different events and perspectives within the school, while ensuring unbiased coverage. We welcome feedback and aspire to create an open dialogue with our audience by being accessible on multiple platforms and by striving to remain neutral in all circumstances.

The Coat of Arms staff

Editor in Chief – Samantha Stevens
Print Editor – Crystal Bai
Online Editor – Kate Hammond
News Editor – Adley Vogel
Assistant News Editor – Sylvie Venuto
Spread Editor – Kyra Geschke
Assistant Spread Editor – Tessa Frantz
A&L Editor – Sarah Norum
Assistant A&L Editor – Sophia Artandi
Sports Editor – Page Wolfenden
Opinions Editor – Elisabeth Westermann
Assistant Opinions Editor – Chase Hurwitz
Social Media Editor – Vionna Eshghi
Copy Editor – Parina Patel
Video Editor – Emily Han
Photo Editor – Bella Guel
Staff Photographer – Sadie Stinson
Staff Illustrator – Nic Garcia

Staff – Laura Artandi, Sammie Dostart-Meers, Lexi Friesel, Ashley Grady, Ellie Gruber, Ella Hartmanis, Riley Huddleston, Lauren Lawson, Alex Levitt, Jake Lieberman, Madison Liu, Georgia Paye, Lucy Pike, Valentina Ross, Layne Sheehan, Aidan Skinner, Louisa Sonsini, Penelope Stinson, Zak Taube, Hailey Tsuda, Grace Wilson

Adviser – Tripp Robbins

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