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Mission Statement:

The Coat of Arms is an independent, student-led open forum for student expression. All decisions relating to the management and content of The Coat of Arms are fundamentally the responsibility of students. Coat of Arms reporters strive to acknowledge their internal biases and tell meaningful stories with empathy, fairness and journalistic integrity. The Coat of Arms staff is committed to building on the legacy of past staffs while setting the foundation for future members.

About Us

We at The Coat of Arms aim to inform and to connect. We strive for professionalism, adhere to AP style guidelines and the Society of Professional Journalists’ Code of Ethics and work to provide neutral reporting while respecting all members of the Menlo School community. Our goal is to represent each distinct perspective from both the school community and the wider public. The Coat of Arms is constantly evolving to suit the realities of the ever-changing world, and we prioritize reporting that is relevant and meaningful to our readers and to the communities we serve.

We seek to provide our staff members with abundant opportunities to explore the field of journalism by advancing their communication and people skills, trying out different story media and leaning into stories that stretch their comfort zones. The Coat of Arms leadership continuously works to foster a cooperative, supportive and trusting dynamic between staff and editors.

The Coat of Arms staff

Editor in Chief: Sophia Artandi
Chief of Innovation and Marketing: Emily Han
Print Editor: Sylvie Venuto
Online Editor: Louisa Sonsini
Sports Editor: Chase Hurwitz
Assistant Sports Editor: Erica Fenyo
News Editor: Alex Levitt
Assistant News Editor: Abby Becker
Spread Co-Editors: Tessa Frantz & Riley Huddleston
Assistant Spread Editor: Tatum Herrin
Arts & Lifestyle Editor: Laura Artandi
Assistant A&L Editor: Kaylie Wu
Opinions Editor: Penelope Stinson
Assistant Opinions Editor: Annie Stent
Video Editor: Ari Krane
Social Media Director: Lexi Friesel
Assistant Social Media Director: Sofia Labatt
Marketing Director: Madison Liu
Creative Director: Sophie Fang
Head Copy Editor: Parina Patel
Copy Editor: Charlotte Palmer

Staff Writers: Lizzie Freehill, Avery Romain, Ty Richardson, Dylan Gold, Noah Kornfeld, Sutton Inouye, Claude Kingsley-William, Andrea Li, Jake Lieberman, Alea Marks, Eloise Thompson, Cisco Argueta, Sophia Stone, Cormac Mulloy, Dorinda Xiao, Julia Naik & Makenna Olson

Staff Illustrators: Nic Garcia, Michele Hratko, Kate Richardson, Grace Tang

Photo and Art Contributors: Peter Hanson, Reena Kagan, Marissa Li, Max Peña

Adviser – Tripp Robbins

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Website feedback: [email protected]

Menlo School
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Atherton, CA 94027
Tel: 650-330-2001

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