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The Coat of Arms

Lizzie Freehill

Lizzie Freehill, Copy Editor


Number of years in The Coat of Arms: 3

Favorite aspect of journalism: I love that, as high school students, we are collaborating and running an entire paper. It is a really unique and fun experience.

Interests outside of school: volleyball and lacrosse, hanging out with my friends, traveling.

Class of 2024

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Democrats survived much of the anticipated red wave during Midterm Elections. Staff illustration: Dorinda Xiao

Democrats Survive Predicted “Red Wave” in California, United States

December 4, 2022

The ballots for the 2022 midterm elections have been counted. Here is why Americans voted the way that they did and what can be expected for the next two...

Spread from 48.5 Print covered technology usage at Menlo. Staff illustration: Sophie Fang

From 48.5 Print: “Are You Using Tech or is Tech Using You?” Menlo Faces the Addictive Nature of Technology

May 22, 2022

“Humans make the mistake of thinking that because we have a brain, we understand how the brain works. Social media, smartphones, etc. are subtly hijacking...

Healy spoke to the school over a Zoom webinar for the Annual State of School Presentation. Staff illustration: Sutton Inouye

State of the School Address Highlights Education Gaps, Mental Health and More

May 20, 2022

Head of School Than Healy addressed the school Thursday, April 28, in the annual State of the School presentation on a Zoom webinar. Healy spoke to concerns,...

A variety of Menlo faculty are departing at the conclusion of the school year. Staff graphic: Sophie Fang

From 48.5 Print: Departing Teachers Share Favorite Memories Continued

May 12, 2022

This collection of stories is an online extension and reproduction of the Coat of Arms 48.5 print edition. This package includes the original articles...

Evaluating when and why I use filler words allowed me to realize that when I say the words “like”, “um”, etc. I am not thinking these words, the gears in my head are turning as I am forming my next thoughts. Staff Illustration: Dorinda Xiao.

Filler Words Aren’t Always a Bad Thing

January 20, 2022

Yesterday I texted a friend asking to hang out: “Hey, do you want to like go to dinner this weekend?” I spent a few seconds debating whether I should...

Flik served chicken tikka masala on Thursday, Jan. 13 using ingredients from last weeks deliveries. This week, Flik used a similar menu to the week of Jan. 2 in an attempt to incorporate leftover ingredients due to online learning. Staff Photo: Alex Levitt.

Flik Team Makes Adjustments During Online and Return To On-campus Learning

January 14, 2022

The decision to hold school remotely the week of Jan. 2, as well as the prior consideration to hold school remotely the week of Jan. 9, has left the Flik...

Returning to in-person learning has both students and teachers on campus, increasing the chance of spreading COVID-19. While Menlo has taken cautionary measures in order to keep the community safe, there is still the possibility of the virus being carried onto campus. For this reason, teachers express their hope that not only the students but also the Menlo community as a whole will continue following CDC and county guidelines while socializing. Staff illustration: Andrea Li.

Teachers Express Expectations and Experiences Around Students Socializing

April 9, 2021

With students returning to campus, a handful of Menlo teachers reflected on members of the community socializing both on and off of campus. Fortunately,...

In order to halt the COVID-19 pandemic and save as many lives as possible, it is crucial that eligible people receive the vaccine. Some cannot receive the vaccine due to religious objections, compromised immune systems or being newborn babies, according to Mayo Clinic. It is important to continue to wear masks and follow COVID-19 guidelines to protect those who have not been vaccinated until we reach herd immunity. Staff illustration: Tatum Herrin.

COVID-19 Vaccines Are Safe, Community Members Should Get Vaccinated If Offered

February 12, 2021

The rapid development of COVID-19 vaccines has left many wondering whether they are safe. According to extensive studies and vaccine trials, the answer...

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