What’s in the Time Capsule That was Made by the Class of 2019 During Last Year’s M-Term?


Last year, junior students created a time capsule during M-term. Photo Courtesy of Tripp Robbins.

Sophia Artandi, Assistant A&L Editor

The contents of the time capsule made by this year’s current seniors (Class of 2019). They put a total of around forty items in, according to Dr. Hanson, who, with Tripp Robbins, co-taught the M-Term class that created the time capsule. According to Grace King, a student in the M-term class, the time capsule is to be opened in 2069, at their 50th high school reunion.

A photo of the cash that was put in the box as a marker of what money looks like. The M-Term class, juniors in 2018, decided to put in some money in the case of money changing in the next 50 years.

A DVD containing drone footage of Menlo, popular music from 2018, and a video of the students talking to their future selves. “I [liked making the video] because we will be able to see our high school selves, and hear our voices, and obviously see what we thought our lives may be like in the future,” said senior King, who was in charge of making the video, said.

A photo of the students’ driver’s licenses, included with a description of the steps needed to get a driver’s license. “I think including this is interesting because in 50 years we definitely won’t have the same form of identification or driver’s licenses and may not even have people driving their own car,” senior Jackie Bressie said.

A photo of the “slang dictionary” created by the class of 2019. Included were commonly used slang terms such as ‘sus,’ ‘dab’ and  ‘salty.’ “[The] dictionary is supposed to preserve our very own ‘teenage language,’ Naomi Rubin said in the introduction of the dictionary.

The time capsule is going to be transferred to the Alumni Office soon, but it is currently being kept in the CADC basement. Hanson said that this M-term class will not be continued, as he pointed out that it is not feasible to have multiple time capsules year after year.