Menlo Students Share Their Favorite Shows


Menlo students share and reflect on their favorite TV shows. Staff illustration: Sutton Inouye.

Jake Lieberman, Staff Writer

Over time, TV has become a crucial part of pop culture, offering a variety of genres for a diverse audience. As part of the generation that grew up with TV, Menlo students have many opinions about their favorite shows.

Menlo freshman Aidan Stull’s favorite show at the moment is “Brooklyn Nine-Nine.” “I like it because of the comedy aspect, and solving crimes [is] dope,” he said. “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” is popular among Americans. According to YouGovAmerica, 67% of the people surveyed have heard of “Brooklyn Nine-Nine,” and it’s ranked the 135th most popular contemporary TV show. The series “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” is about New York City Police Department detective Jake Peralta and his precinct. The show follows the group in their day-to-day lives arresting criminals and their relationships as a friend group.

Another freshman Raj Keswani likes “Friday Night Lights.” “My favorite show is probably ‘Friday Night Lights’ […] because of the characters. The show does a great job developing them, and you really feel a connection towards them. I also love how there’s football in the show because it gives you something to look forward to every episode,” he said. Shows such as “Friday Night Lights” and “All American,” are similar because both are about football programs, and they dive into the characters’ lives as well as their experience with the sport.

In terms of which shows are trending, according to Reelgood, “Succession,” “Squid Game,” “Ted Lasso” and “The Morning Show” are among the most popular shows as of right now. Squid Games is the most-watched Netflix series ever. Additionally, Jason Sudeikis, who stars as the Head Coach in “Ted Lasso,” won eight awards in the Emmys this year.

According to junior Will Eggemier, one of his favorite shows is “Star Wars: The Clone Wars.” “The [final] season of it [aired] last year, and I continued to love it. It was my favorite childhood show growing up and stuck with me forever. It additionally develops the ‘Star Wars’ pre-culture very well in my eyes. The characters are awesome, and it’s Star Wars, so I love it,” Eggemier said. “The Clone Wars” was the most-watched series premiere in Cannon Network history.

Sophomore Paige Miller said her favorite show is “The Office.” “Overall, it’s just a great comfort show that I can watch over and over again and still laugh every time,” Miller said. She especially enjoys how the show has both a comedic and an emotional appeal. “It also has a ton of variety with the characters, all of them are so different, yet the dynamic between them is so funny and unpredictable,” she said.

On the other hand, junior Charlie King loves the show “Daredevil.” “Daredevil,” similarly to “Brooklyn Nine-Nine,” is set in New York. The show follows a man who was blinded as a young boy and uses his heightened senses to fight crime. Attorney during the day, and daredevil by night, the protagonist aims to protect the city and fight against injustice. “The acting is just off the charts. You won’t find acting any better,” King said. “Also, the cinematography is incredible, and the action scenes are absolutely wonderful. It’s truly a must-watch show for Marvel fans out there. You certainly won’t be disappointed with it.”