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The Global Expo: Menlo’s Biyearly Multicultural Event

The 2022 Global Expo occurred on April 24, with booths that had a variety of decorations and foods. Photo Courtesy of Menlo Flickr

Menlo’s Global Expo is a prominent event that occurs in late April every other year. Global Expo was conceived in 2015, with the purpose of celebrating diversity in its many forms. The event is a celebration of the rich tapestry of cultures at Menlo, featuring a variety of cultural performances, art displays, culinary experiences, travel insights and educational opportunities. 

History teacher and Director of Global Programs Peter Brown, who plays a large role in organizing the event, appreciates the engaging activities that are available at the Global Expo. “Sometimes it’s artwork, [… or] nice decorations,” Brown said. “The purpose of it is to celebrate cultural diversity in its many manifestations, meaning its art, music and dance.” 

According to Brown, the Global Expo is primarily parent-run and requires extensive preparation and thoughtful coordination. Some of these preparations include organizing teams of parents who prepare booths representing different regions or countries of the world: “[The parents] have been preparing this for over a year. […] It’s a lot of coordination, especially since there are over 40 booths this year,” Brown said. 

Parents who prepare for the Global Expo like the experience. In an email to the Coat of Arms, the parent team recounted their involvement in this event. “The team has really enjoyed getting to know parents from different grade levels and collaborating on an event that promotes the diverse cultures of the Menlo community,” the Global Expo team wrote. And when the event comes, they enjoy it, especially the food, performances and activities.

The Global Expo team explained how there are many details involved in making the event happen. “[We take care of] everything from recruiting volunteers, to figuring out supplies, booth layout, marketing and promotion,” they said. 

Another important aspect of this event is to get students to be involved and participate in it. The parents ask the school to put it in their email announcements, and they also send out forms to gauge student interest. Additionally, they encourage teachers to spread the word to their students. “[Promotion also occurs] through the arts teachers, who were part of the process as well,” Brown said. 

Furthermore, students and families coordinate music performances and dancing, which requires dedicated practices and rehearsals to ensure they’re fully prepared. Getting CE Credits from attending the Global Expo has been an integral part of getting students to join the team. 

Overall, the parent team is really excited about this year’s Global Expo and is looking forward to future ones too. We hope that the Global Expo will continue for years to come and we look forward to seeing how it evolves,” they said.

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