Sage Huddleston Commits to Swim at Middlebury College

Sage Huddleston Commits to Swim at Middlebury College

In August of 2023, senior Sage Huddleston committed to the admissions process at Middlebury College for swimming. 

Huddleston first joined a swim team when she was just two years old, but didn’t solely focus on swimming until the end of middle school. “I played like, every sport because my parents wanted me to expose me to all of them and they had me pick which I [liked] best,” Huddleston said. In middle school, Huddleston narrowed down her sports to lacrosse, water polo and swimming, and by eighth grade, she was only swimming.

As a kid, Huddleston had the dream that many young athletes have: to be an Olympian. So, from the start, Huddleston knew swimming in college would be the path she would take, whether she would become an Olympian or not. 

“Once I realized the Olympian thing wasn’t going to happen, I still wanted to swim in college,” Huddleston said. “I can’t really imagine just stopping swimming right after high school.”

Throughout her recruiting process, Huddleston knew that the New England Small College Athletic Conference schools fit her ideal of a small school with strong academics in the New England area. Huddleston reached out to many of the NESCAC coaches after her sophomore year, and Middlebury happened to be the first to respond. “It’s crazy that that was my first interaction with a coach because it ended up being the one I was always most drawn to.”

Middlebury’s location sold Huddleston on the school, as her family is from Vermont and she spends time there every summer. “I’ve always had a really big connection to that area and I just love it so much,” Huddleston said. “Going to college [in Vermont] is something I’ve always wanted to do.”

Senior Hinako Karachiwala began swimming with Huddleston in sixth grade for Bulldogs Swim Club and later swam with her on the Menlo swim team. Karachiwala admires Huddleston’s dedication to swimming as well as her positive attitude. 

“Her drive and her dedication definitely makes you want to work harder,” Karachiwala said. “She’s very down to earth, and if you’re having a tough practice, she’s definitely the person to talk to.”

Huddleston is looking forward to the refreshing new environment that Middlebury has to offer. College swimming has a greater team aspect than high school and club swimming with team scores and dual meets. 

“Playing a team sport is something I really miss a lot of the time so I am excited to have more of a team aspect,” she said. “I’m also excited for a new environment because I’ve been swimming with the same [club] team for six years.”

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