MBEST Kick Off Event Starts the Year With Full Steam Ahead

MBEST kicked off its third year with a fabulous opening event filled with speeches from female leaders in the world of science. The event opened with head of school Norm Colb, one of the innovators behind the idea for MBEST, introducing a woman who has accomplished much in her field of study, Dr. Vinita Gupta. Dr. Gupta is the founder and chairman for Digital Link, and is also the first woman from India to take her company public. In the conclusion of her speech she left the group with her words of wisdom. “ Challenge your thinking, […] school is just the beginning of lifetime habits” said Gupta. The other guest that MBEST hosted were from the tech museum, who are planning to host a MBEST overnight within the museum which is open to the entire female student body of Menlo School.
MBEST has continued to build its program with their new catch motto “Full Stem Ahead!”. This year the program is more focused on “engaging more participation and involvement and distinguishing [that MBEST is] no longer a fun optional course but something that is challenging yet enjoyable as well” said MBEST Teacher Assistant and intern, junior Danya Adib. The first semester the program will be concentrated more on physical sciences whereas the second will focus on life sciences. Co-directors of the Program Joanie Banks-Hunt and Grace Limaye are extremely excited to use the new Whittiker lab built this summer hoping it will “take the program to a whole new level” said Limaye. This lab used primarily for engineering among “product design and app building” and “Menlo STEM business school are new workshops which have been added to the program. MBEST students over the age of 16 will also be given the opportunity to intern at local labs.
With a new and improved program set, MBEST hopes to continue to encourage the female student body to excel in science and mathematics.