Academic Competition and College Pressure at Menlo: Extended Spread Package


Staff illustration: Sophie Fang.


This package is an online extension of the Coat of Arms 48.1 print edition, specifically the spread section. In light of college applications due in the coming months, these stories unpack aspects of the college application process, and they explore the ways in which Menlo’s environment contributes to academic competition and college pressure.




Alumni Share How Menlo’s Rigor Compares to Their College Experience

In this story, Spread Co-Editor Tessa Frantz asks Menlo alumni the question many Menlo students wonder: “Does all the hard work that’s put in truly pay off?”

Staff illustration: Tatum Herrin.

Menlo alumni Izzy Banatao and Jordan Gold share the lasting effects of Menlo on their college experience. The two offer varying perspectives on how Menlo has prepared them for the next stages of their lives, discussing early academic burnout as well as healthy academic habits.


The College Admissions Process Differs for Recruited Athletes

In this story, Video Editor Ari Krane explains the admission process for college athletes with the help of Director of College Alumni Outreach Matt Mettille and Director of College Counseling Mark Moody. The two explain in detail how the admission process differs for DI and DIII athletes. Krane also interviews senior Aidan Housenbold, who describes his personal experience as a committed DIII athlete.


Menlo’s Environment Impacts Students’ Extracurricular Choices

In this story, staff writer Andrea Li unpacks the role of extracurriculars at Menlo by interviewing senior Sammie Dostart-Meers and freshman Carter Techel. Techel explains how the culture of extracurriculars at Menlo has pushed him to explore new hobbies. On the other hand, Dostart-Meers critiques the pressure surrounding the quality and quantity of students’ extracurriculars.